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Netradeep Eye Hospital,
7- Chitrakut , Gorwa Refinery Road , Vadodara-390016, Gujarat, India.
"If you are suffering from any problem related to eye, eye lids or areas around eye like dimness of vision, watering, spectacles, cataract, lid deformities, loss of eye or any other then contact Dr. Shailesh Mehta"
About Dr Shailesh Mehta
Having started in November 1988, we provide Comprehensive Eye care and Ophthalmic Plastic surgeries (Oculoplasty) as subspecialty.
In cataract segment we offer all good lenses available in the world. 

Dr. Shailesh Mehta is the proprietor and Oculoplasty surgeon of Netradeep hospital. He has been qualified in ophthalmology from prestigious M.S. University of Baroda, India in 1988.
He has worked with Dr. Teresa Brahbhatt, a renowned oculoplasty surgeon who was qualified from Moorefield's Eye hospital, London. He had also visited and worked at AIIMS, Delhi, LVPEI, Hyderabad and Arvind Hospital, Madurai.
He has been in practice since 1989, and has been practicing as Oculoplasty Consultant since 1998. He has to his credit hundreds of Oculoplasty procedures with excellent results. Please visit our Achievements page for details. He also have several presentations at state level conferences. Along with professional expertise, we offer care with human touch, honesty, transparency and commitment.
In addition he loves and devotes significant time for spiritual or Holistic Inner Science activities. This makes him different as a person too.
  • Netradeep Hospital is approved by Income tax Department for no deduction of tax on Employee’s Eye surgeries. It also provides cash less facilities for certain TPA.
Netradeep Eye Hospital,
7- Chitrakut , Gorwa Refinery Road , Vadodara-390016, Gujarat, India
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“ It’s made life much easier for me. Now I can play with my little boy….roll around on the ground, pick him up….without worrying about my glasses.”
Jignesh Patel
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