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"If you are suffering from any problem related to eye, eye lids or areas around eye like dimness of vision, watering, spectacles, cataract, lid deformities, loss of eye or any other then contact Dr. Shailesh Mehta"
Cataract surgeries- Phacoemulsification with foldable IOL     
  Cataract is a condition wherein natural lens of eye becomes opaque and one cannot see clearly. This opaque lens is removed and replaced by artificial lens implant. We have modern equipments like Zeiss (German) Microscope and Bausch and Lomb Millennium phaco machine.
Laser vision correction for spectacle number removal
  We perform LASIK- Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis with state of the art machinery like MEL 80 from Carl Zeiss, CRS master and aberometry.We offer safety and posibility of removing higher numbers using thin flap of 90/100 microns.
Various other surgeries like Glaucoma, Squint and Pterygium
  Glaucoma is a condition where in Optic nerve of the eye gets damaged mostly due to elevated eye pressure. It may be a silent condition and can be diagnosed by routine checkups.

Squint is a condition where alignment of eyes gets disturbed. Eyes may be croseed ,non parallel or deviated. If one closely looks at photograph it may be diagnosed. It should be treated in early childhood only to avoid lazy eye.
Children's Eye Care
Our specialty is Oculoplastic or Ophthalmic Plastic surgeries
  It deals with many conditions as follows
Lid deformities or Malposition
  Lid position is important not only for cosmetic purpose but also for proper corneal health and function. If lids are deformed, there can be watering, foreign body sensation and even corneal opacification. There may be in turning of lid margin known as Entropion or there may be out turning of lid margin known as Ectropion. Even there may be misdirected eye lashes rubbing against cornea known as trichiasis.all these need surgical correction which is easy and rewarding
Ptosis or drooping lid
  Mostly it is a birth defect. In few cases it may occur due to injuries or old age. In case of a child, it is better that child is seen by Ophthalmologist (Eye specialist)and it is decided when to correct it. We follow following strategy. If child can see with affected eye  clearly and comfortably without bending neck, we wait till 5 yrs of age. If not then we operate soon, least child may have permanent vision defect. In a given case we select appropriate type of surgical procedure. There are muscle resection procedures or silicone sling procedures.  Results are usually very satisfying. We may mention that only Oculoplasty surgeon and not any one of general plastic surgeons is the best to do it.
Lid Injuries or Lid Tumors
  If not repaired properly, it may result into deformed and ill functioning lid. Oculoplasty surgeon can do the job best way.
Lid tumors
  Lids may have benign (simple) or malignant (cancerous) tumors or growths. It may need removal and lid repair.
Socket Reconstruction
  When eye is removed due to any reason, it looks ugly. Simply putting artificial eye does not suffice. It needs plastic surgery in form of a ball implant or other option, to give long time good results. It gives not only good or near normal look but also self esteem, self confidence, good social and professional life, too. At times even others may not recognize that it is artificial eye.
Sac Surgeries
  we perform all sorts of surgeries for sac related problems or watery eyes, with or without discharge. We offer conventional DCR, Endonasal DCR, or Laser DCR.
Orbital problems – Orbital infections, tumors, traumas etc
Diseases like Thyroid eye disease, Myasthenia gravis and others affecting eye or orbit.
Botox injections for various conditions.
Contact lens, spectacles and routine basic eye examinations.
“ It’s made life much easier for me. Now I can play with my little boy….roll around on the ground, pick him up….without worrying about my glasses.”
Jignesh Patel
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