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"If you are suffering from any problem related to eye, eye lids or areas around eye like dimness of vision, watering, spectacles, cataract, lid deformities, loss of eye or any other then contact Dr. Shailesh Mehta"
Lid deformity
An old man with upper lid Entropion or in turned lid with eye lashes rubbing to cornea. It was operated with anterior lamellar repositioning and was corrected.
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Lid Injuries or Lid Tumors
A case of 6 year old girl with completely torn lid. After repair it is completely normal. Even it is difficult to identify which lid was injured.
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Ptosis or drooping lid
Left Eye Ptosis in a young girl- corrected by Muscle surgery
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Socket Reconstruction
After removal of one eye socket reconstruction surgery has been done and a very good look has been given. It gives not only good or near normal look but also self esteem, self confidence, good social and professional life, too. At times even others may not recognize that it is artificial eye. Here are some happy faces

1A boy having lost one eye due to cancer (Retinoblastoma) age- 4 years
2A young male having lost eye due to injury and repeated surgeries
Orbital problems       
A case of both eyes Orbital cellulitis due to sinus
infections. Was drained by Endo nasal route
“ It’s made life much easier for me. Now I can play with my little boy….roll around on the ground, pick him up….without worrying about my glasses.”
Jignesh Patel
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